Alternative | Math Rock | Indie

Cohasset – Los Angeles

Chris Jackson – Vocals and Bass
Tyler Wennstrom – Guitars
Joseph Fleming – Drums

Cohasset first started after guitarist, Tyler Wennstrom, and drummer, Joseph Fleming, left the reggae scene in order to start a new band. After several unsuccessful auditions for a bass player, they jammed with Chris Jackson; and the connection was perfect. The addition of a singer and keyboardist formed the 5-piece alternative band, Ask The Others. After a Demo, EP, and Single release, the band split; but the three core members remained. Their name was changed to Cohasset which currently consists of Tyler on guitar, Joseph on drums, and Chris taking bass and vocal duties. They consider themselves to be an accessible form of math rock, combining technical playing and odd-meter rhythms with pop-influenced vocal and synth layering.


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